Wireless Network Testing

Wireless networking is convenient, but it poses a notable security threat. We can test the safety of your networks and help you improve them.

Relying on wireless networks can leave your system vulnerable to attack. We help Bristol and Bath businesses shore up these avenues of attack. Our process will see us probe your networks to identify weaknesses before hackers can exploit them, protecting your company.

The risks of wireless networking

When you connect via cables, it’s relatively easy to run a secure internal network. Anyone who wants to access that network will need to be given an ethernet cable before they can proceed. A wireless network, though, uses a signal that covers a broad area and can propagate through windows or even walls — so if it isn’t properly shielded, it’ll allow people outside to gain entry.

In most cases, it’s enough to give a wireless network a strong password, but some companies need to generate multiple wireless networks with different levels of safety. It can be preferable to run a guest network with no login requirements, for instance: something that’s fine when that network is suitably restricted, but can cause serious problems when it isn’t restricted correctly.

There’s also the prospect of a wireless router either being left on its default settings or reverting to those settings following extended loss of power. It’s unlikely to happen, and sensible setup should prevent it — but far bigger mistakes have been made in the business world. If you’re going to be maintaining a wireless network, then, it needs to be made safe.

How we conduct our firewall security reviews

Our process to determine the strength of your firewall starts with an analysis of your intended configuration. How does your network fit together? Where does information need to go? Which services have been approved? Once we have the answers to these questions and know exactly what your firewall needs to do, we can get the firewall test underway.

The next step is to run through every setting, detail, and ruleset. For this, we’ll use our broad technical knowledge and various industry-approved tools, looking at how your firewall handles traffic flow and flagging any mistakes or unexpected actions. If you provided us with a network diagram to begin with, we’ll see how closely your system adheres to that framework.

When this process is finished, we’ll begin preparing our final report. This will encompass a complete list of our findings: we’ll detail all issues detected (writing to suit readers of all knowledge levels), explain their relative severity, and offer guidance on how you can address them. You’ll then have everything you need to work towards a stronger firewall.

Why you should invest in wireless network testing

Suppose that there were an issue with the encryption of your wireless network and you didn’t know about it. Due to this issue, if they knew what to look for and what tools to implement, anyone connected to that network could spy on the traffic of connected clients. Depending on the level of their access, they might even be able to redirect traffic, plausibly replacing a real payment gateway with a fraudulent imitation intended to steal money.

If someone gets physical access to a network, it’s likely to be discovered sooner or later. If a firewall is behaving oddly, it can push you to investigate the configuration. But the subtle hacking of a wireless network can go totally unnoticed to anyone who doesn’t know how to verify system security. This makes it very important that you adhere to best practices if you’re going to be running a wireless network (let alone several) — and makes wireless network testing one of the most important types of penetration testing.

How does our wireless network testing work?g

To fully review your wireless network (or networks), one of our expert testers will carry out a wide range of assessments using wireless testing tools (some automated, some manual). They’ll concentrate on authentication, data transit, and login standards. The core focus will be on determining the strength and nature of the encryption protocols being used. The stronger the encryption, the safer the system.

They’ll also look at the equipment you’re using: how strong it is, whether you’ve kept it fully updated, and how securely you’ve configured it. Having looked at software and hardware, they’ll subsequently attempt to exploit any detected vulnerabilities, with the goal of gaining access to your system and clearly showing the extent of the damage that a hacker could cause.

Once the testing is finished, our tester will write up their findings and provide you with a full report. This report will detail their findings about which parts of your system are the weakest, and do so in a way that’s easy to follow and understand even if you lack technical knowledge. The culmination will be specific recommendations about actions you should take to strengthen it, ordered by priority to make your life easier.

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