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Web Applications

Whether used internally or shared with the world, web apps are windows into your network.

We can evaluate all viable connection options to determine the risks posed.

Network Infrastructure

The design of your network has a huge impact on how well it can stand up to security threats.

We’ll highlight any areas of weakness and show you how you can improve.

System Configurations

A strong architectural foundation is a vital inclusion, but it can be undermined by poor configuration.

Our testing will see if you’ve adhered to best practices, and guide accordingly.

Wireless Networks

The convenience of wireless networks also leaves them susceptible to a wide range of attacks.

By probing your network for paths to entry, we can find the causes for concern.


Kaspersky — one of the top cyber security firms — carried out research into cyber security readiness. and found that many companies are woefully ill-equipped to deal with threats to their digital systems. Here are the stats from the businesses it surveyed:

  • 30% had not fully implemented anti-malware software.
  • 55% still saw file sharing as the greatest threat to security.
  • 57% had banned social networks due to potential security risks
  • Over 33% of their IT workers had leveraged unauthorised technologies.
  • 61% had suffered malware infections in the previous 12 months.
  • 29% had experienced mobile malware.
  • Just 31% of their workers had been required to use smartphone security software.
  • Incidents of mobile malware had increased 600% in the last year.


You want to safeguard your systems so you can keep your business safe — and we can help. Edge Cyber Security is one of the top IT security companies in the UK. Furthermore, our objective is to find the perfect solution for your situation, providing exactly as much detail as you need so we can hit a competitive price point. Below is a list of our services

Infrastructure Testing

This broad test investigates the foundation of your network, searching for myriad vulnerabilities. This allows us to check the safety of your digital assets, classify the overall risks posed, and provide a list of prioritised actions for fixing issues.

Wireless Testing

It may be highly convenient, but using a wireless network can present some problems. Our wireless penetration testing probes for flaws, determines what the damage could be, and forms a strong plan for making your network extremely secure.

Social Engineering

The technical strength of your system isn’t the only issue. The primary users add key points of weakness. Social engineering tricks people into revealing details. Our test gauges how your employees respond to efforts to undermine your company.

Web Application Testing

Most business websites don’t just just static pages: they’re functionally complex, offering rich user experiences and collecting data. That makes them easy targets. Our testing can help you protect your brand and ensure full regulatory compliance.

Firewall Configuration Review

Firewall rule sets quickly become outdated, leading to growing insecurity. Our penetration testing will detect any unsafe configurations and recommend changes through which you can optimise your security without damaging your throughput.

Secure Server Build

If a host server becomes compromised, everything running on it will be a viable target. Our server testing can gauge the extent to which your server systems and applications have been hardened against intrusion, then suggest improvements.

GDPR Security Testing

Since GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) states that all personal data breaches must be reported to the supervisory authority within 72 hours and can carry fines of up to 4% of global turnover. Are you prepared?

Why Edge Cyber Security?

At Edge Cyber Security, we strive to offer top-notch testing and impartial advice at reasonable prices. We do security work because we love it, and we’re constantly investigating new technologies that might help our clients achieve stronger security systems. No matter the projects we’re given, we pursue our tasks with enthusiasm and commitment.

Based in Bristol, we serve the entirety of the UK. If you’re looking for a security partner who’ll treat your business with as much care as you do, choose Edge Cyber Security to provide your cyber security services. You can rely on us.

We Listen

We’ll listen to your ideas, discuss your needs, and advise accordingly. It may sound obvious, but it isn’t always done. We look at it this way: your success is our success.


We’ll provide comprehensive support to help your business find the most appropriate solutions to any identified vulnerabilities. Every tier includes broad recommendations.


Our security consultants have cultivated their skills across various sectors, and we’ll assign you a penetration tester with the background to understand your business needs..


Rarely does a single package fit all clients, and this couldn't be more true in cyber security. That's why we work with you to develop a bespoke engagement that works for you regardless of the project size.

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