Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments are simpler and cheaper than full penetration tests, yielding valuable security insight on limited budgets.

Vulnerability assessment services

What is a vulnerability assessment? It’s the opening gambit in every project we work on. The goal is simple: to scan your systems and come up with a list of weak points that could realistically be exploited by malicious parties. This serves as the foundation for whatever follows.

You may require additional assessment from our expert testers, or choose to go directly into taking action to patch the most troubling vulnerabilities. If you’re looking for vulnerability assessment services (particularly in Bristol and Bath), then you’re in the right place.

Who needs a vulnerability assessment?

Any system that’s exposed to the internet will have security flaws: minor, major, or both. And those kept offline can still have issues (since it’s possible to gain access locally). This means that any type of digital system can be compromised in principle. In other words, the question isn’t whether a vulnerability assessment would be useful. It’s whether you need one.

Maybe you’re running a system with no important data and no access to anything important to your business or life in general, and you don’t much care what happens to it (perhaps it’s for an occasional hobby), in which case there’s little point in trying to make it secure — but that’s a fairly unlikely scenario. Most systems are keenly important to those running them.

You’re here because you’re serious about making your digital systems stronger: you may have already suffered an attack, or maybe you’ve simply learned about why cyber security needs to be a priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you’re going to take the next step towards operational security, then getting a vulnerability assessment is the right move.

Why it’s a smart investment

If you’re still on the fence about going ahead with a vulnerability assessment, then you need to consider that it’s a smart investment in your future. It’ll allow you to do the following:

Determine what other help you need.

Your system may already be reasonably secure, in which case you can largely wrap things up following the completion of your vulnerability assessment. No more tests to run, no more fees to pay. But if it isn’t, then you can proceed to more in-depth assessments as required. Think of it as an initial examination to see what treatment is needed.

Gauge your level of compliance.

Years after GDPR was implemented, it’s vitally important for businesses to comply with data storage and processing requirements. If you’ve never spent much time considering this, or you haven’t known where to begin, we can quickly form a solid picture of where you’re strong and where you need to improve.

Receive a prioritised report.

Our vulnerability assessment reports don’t just highlight the flaws in your systems. They also set them out in order of priority, provide explanations so you know what they mean and why they’re so significant, and offer recommendations for how you can address them. This makes them highly practical.

Vulnerability assessments vs. penetration tests

Considered in isolation, cyber security vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are similar in purpose but substantially different.

A vulnerability assessment in information security consists of broad automated testing overseen by a penetration tester, and is intended to gauge the vulnerability of a system without making any effort to exploit that vulnerability to see how much damage it can cause. Vulnerability testing services are cheaper and faster to complete, while still being quite useful.

A penetration test requires a vulnerability assessment and adds that exploitation effort, calling upon the penetration tester to use detected vulnerabilities to mount an attack that can safely indicate what a malicious hacker could achieve. It also provides an expanded report with more in-depth commentary on the specific impact of issues identified.

Overall, you should always start with a network security vulnerability assessment, but you may want to commit to larger-scale testing upfront. It all depends on how important your systems are and how quickly you need any detected problems to be resolved.

Why Edge Cyber Security?

At Edge Cyber Security, we strive to offer top-notch testing and impartial advice at reasonable prices. We do security work because we love it, and we’re constantly investigating new technologies that might help our clients achieve stronger security systems. No matter the projects we’re given, we pursue our tasks with enthusiasm and commitment.

Based in Bristol, we serve the entirety of the UK. If you’re looking for a security partner who’ll treat your business with as much care as you do, choose Edge Cyber Security to provide your cyber security services. You can rely on us.

We Listen

We’ll listen to your ideas, discuss your needs, and advise accordingly. It may sound obvious, but it isn’t always done. We look at it this way: your success is our success.


We’ll provide comprehensive support to help your business find the most appropriate solutions to any identified vulnerabilities. Every tier includes broad recommendations.


Our security consultants have cultivated their skills across various sectors, and we’ll assign you a penetration tester with the background to understand your business needs..


Rarely does a single package fit all clients, and this couldn't be more true in cyber security. That's why we work with you to develop a bespoke engagement that works for you regardless of the project size.

Frequently-asked questions

These questions tend to be asked about vulnerability assessments, so our answers might help. (If you have a different question, please get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help you.)

How much do vulnerability assessments cost?

Every case is different, so we can’t provide any estimates here, though the important thing to note is the low cost relative to full penetration testing. If you’re quite certain that you need your system checked, you won’t find a cheaper option than getting a vulnerability test.

How are vulnerability assessments conducted?

Much of the assessment process is handled through automated scans because the scope of the work is too great for it to be handled manually. Every scan is overseen by one of our penetration testers, though: they ensure that everything is configured correctly, the results are accurate, and the issues detected are set out as usefully as possible in a clear report.

How do vulnerability assessment tools work?

We can’t divulge the details of our automated assessment systems, but they run through areas that often contain weaknesses and look for known vulnerabilities. Think of it as checking all the doors and windows on a house to see if they’re locked (and if the locks are secure).

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