COTS Application Testing

Customer facing applications are an open invitation to attackers.

COTS Application Testing

Web applications are one of the most common types of software in use today. Due to their complexity and ubiquity, web applications represent a unique challenge to the security posture of any organisation. Modern web applications handle increasingly sensitive data, so it is important to ensure that they do not introduce significant risk to an organisation.

Edge Cyber Security has a large team of certified penetration testers who specialise in web application penetration testing. The Edge Cyber Security penetration testing team is diverse and contains a wealth of experience in both security and software development.

Commercial Off The Shelf Product Testing

While some organisations develop custom applications specific to their needs, most will depend on commercially available software to run their business. Commercial-off-the-shell (COTS) software can often introduce new security challenges. The code is often unavailable to the customer and they don’t always come with assurance that they have been independently assessed for security issues.

An organisations operations can often depend on legacy software or systems which no longer receive security updates from the vendors. These systems can also be a common target for attacks as long-standing vulnerabilities can prove to be easy targets for exploitation. Edge Cyber Security uses a variety of techniques to assess specific to the architecture of an application. Techniques such a Software Reverse Engineering (where legally applicable), Secure Code Reviews and input testing. Where necessary fuzzing will be conducted over an extended period to map out unknown application architecture to identify undiscovered vulnerabilities in the application.

Modern software is often made available to a global market and as such is subject to interrogation by researchers and hackers alike around the world. Where applicable, Edge Cyber Security will leverage skills available in the Edge Cyber Security Intelligence teams to identify publicly available vulnerabilities on the internet and the dark-web.

Problems in the application’s codebase isn’t the only cause for concern with commercial software; implementation and configuration can also introduce their own security issues. Edge Cyber Security consultants can independently asses the implementation of applications to identify security weaknesses in the installation, configuration and the communication mechanisms of modern and legacy software.

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